Yigal has proven to be a successful business owner and strives to balance his professional and family life. He has been a general contractor for the past 18 years, and is currently the owner of Helping Hands, Inc., serving high-end residential and commercial clients throughout Southern California. He is quite often involved in other side projects, whether helping a friend with a home remodel, or partnering in a new business venture. In his spare time, Yigal enjoys riding his motorcycle and dirt bike.

Julia is a Registered Nurse, and works in the Welcome Baby program at Antelope Valley Partners for Health. She also works in the research department at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Administration. Between her professional world of caring for others and her striving to be present, available and supportive to their children, Julia also assists in the administrative side of Helpful Hands Services, Inc. Julia makes the time to take daily hikes and thoroughly enjoys the outdoors.

Yigal and Julia Yosef have been married for 20 years and enjoy their family made up of 4 dogs, 3 children, 2 sheep and 1 cat.

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