A collective effort of people with different backgrounds and experiences, coming together based on one thing in common, The Love of Wine!Based on this common interest, along with a willingness to learn, grow and work together as a team, we have opened Wine Resources LLC.

From grape to glass, we embrace and enjoy the process. Vineyards. Viticulture. Harvest. Crush. De-Stem. Fermentation. Press. Oak/Stainless. Bottle. Age. Open. Pour. Taste. Then Taste Some More. It never gets old, meaning the process and experience of making and tasting fabulous wines. Meeting the wine makers, sharing stories, tips & tricks, learning, educating, and sharing. Keep in mind, when you are in this business, “getting old” can be considered a good thing.

Events & Classes

Wine Appreciation

48 Hour Lecture | $180. + $45 Material Fee Explores the grape varietals and types of wine produced in the major wine regions of France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and North America. Wine will be tasted.

Wines of California

24 Hour Lecture | $90 + $40 Material Fee Explores the major wine regions of California including the grape varieties and types of wine production. Includes the wine styles and associated wine laws, structure and culture of California. Wine will be tasted.