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Services Provided: Alternate Proprietorship – Custom Crush
Tasting Room – Product Representation

Wine Resources has purchased a top of the line crusher/de-stemmer and pneumatic press. (Details and photos upon request). We also have a new must pump, filtration system and bottle filler. For the very small lot or home wine makers (under 1,000 lbs of grapes), we have equipment to include crusher/de-stemmers, basket presses and assistance from those that have done small lot/home wine making more times than they can count. It’s a wonderful way to find out if wine making is a hobby, interest or long-term goal.

We also have a forklift with four certified forklift operators and a cold storage room for case goods and wine making requirements. Additionally, we offer a full lab to run necessary tests and a tasting room for those that have the appropriate ABC license and decide they want to pour their wines at our tasting bar.

The immediate goal of Wine Resources LLC is to offer a comfortable location where wine makers, on all levels, can come together and share their interests, tips, tricks and love for the wine that ends up in our glass.

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